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Facial Thread Vein Removal

Facial Thread Veins, or ‘broken veins’, are fine visible veins appearing near the surface of the skin. Becoming more intense over time they tend to appear in clusters and are caused by exposure to ultra violet rays, wind or extreme temperatures, steroid creams, hormonal changes and radiotherapy. Facial Thread Veins can also be associated with Rosacea, a common condition of a cause as yet unknown. Please see the Rosacea treatment page.

Facial veins are treated with IPL or Nd YAG advanced world class technologies. Your practitioner will determine which is the more appropriate for you. Both laser systems work effectively on these conditions using a homogenous beam profile and/or variable light guides, matching the laser light to the colour of the lesion, thus eliminating the vessels by heat. The treatment is advanced and intuitive. Through a process called photothermolysis, the laser bypasses normal, vein free skin interacting only with the unwanted red vein. Each laser pulse is extremely quick so there is no build up of heat, thus diminishing interference with the structure of the skin and with virtually no side effects. Lumenis has provided the gold standard of medical devices since 1973 and whereas some other types of lasers can cause temporary bruising and swelling, with the Lumenis system it’s unlikely your daily routine will be disrupted.

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Sclerotherapy is also effective in eliminating thread veins from the legs and body. A simple non-surgical alternative, the treatment takes just 30-40 minutes using a fine needle inject a solution called ‘sclerosing agent’ into the vein. This results in the vein contracting and totally disappearing over a course of treatments. The number of treatment sessions needed is dependent on how many areas are being treated but on average we recommend four treatment sessions, although up to six treatment are optimal in some cases.

Leg Thread Veins Treatment

Telangiectasias (thread veins) are tiny red, blue or purplish blood vessels, which although superficial, are visible to the naked eye.

The colour of each thread veins is dependent on how much oxygen red cells are carried in the vessel. In the smallest vessels, the oxygen content is high (so they appear red in colour) and in larger thread veins the amount of oxygen carried in the blood is lower (so these appear blue or purple in colour).

Thread veins vary markedly in diameter, from minute red marks measuring ½ mm in diameter or less, to larger blue/purple thread veins measuring up to 3mm in diameter. If left untreated, many of the smaller red blood vessels become larger and develop into the blue/purple type of vessel which are unsightly, causing problems with self-esteem and self-confidence. We target problem areas with total precision. The Lumenis® Vein and Vascular treatment enables optimal tailoring of light and energy to effectively address your skin concern and eliminate it. Your leg veins (as well as facial veins, broken capillaries or rosacea) can be treated with noticeable results. The treatment most suitable for you will be discussed at the initial consultation and a tailored treatment programme designed for you.

Laser thread veins treatment is quick, effective and non-invasive and delivers amazing results for veins 1-3 mm in size. Typically three to five sessions is all that is needed to leave skin feeling smooth and looking wonderfully renewed. Laser treatments are often used in conjunction with sclerotherapy to optimize results.

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