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Rosacea / Acne Rosacea

Rosacea / Acne Rosacea

Rosacea gives the cheeks and nose a flushed appearance and as the condition progresses, tiny blood vessels and pimples begin to appear on and around the affected area. Early diagnosis and treatment can slow the progression of the condition but there is no known cure at present and the cause is as yet unknown.

Things that trigger Rosacea are varied. Spicy foods, hot drinks, and cheese will affect Rosacea but probably the most frequent triggers are UV light, alcohol and aerobic exercise. Hence the fundamentals of all treatment is to eliminate or at least reduce these classic triggers to a manageable level by wearing high SPF sunscreen throughout the year, avoiding heat and humidity, keeping spicy food and alcohol to a minimum and exercising in a cool environment, reducing the aerobic frequency during flare ups.

The inflammatory process going on in the skin requires that gentle simple products are used on the skin and skin care with scents, oils and alcohol in them need to be avoided.

The treatments target the 5 main troublesome areas. Flushing and redness, Tiny broken blood vessels that over time increase and remain, pink or red ‘bumps’ that are sometimes filled with straw coloured liquid, sore crusty dry eyes, and Acne pustules.

One or all of these symptoms may be present so when you attend Skintuition for a consultation, we will examine your skin condition and recommend a tailored treatment plan using one or more of the therapies available to treat rosacea. This will be guided principally by what most affects you about your condition.

One of the most effective treatments is with the IPL. This can address the flushing, redness and broken veins with the M22 Vascular filter which is able, with a course of treatments, to break up the tiny blood vessels in the skin. The bacteria in pustules and the Demodex mite associated with Rosacea are also concurrently treated and the tiny oil glands, the meibomian glands, in the eye lids which become blocked causing dry eyes are stimulated to restore normal functioning once again.

Symptoms and severity vary from person to person but gentle skin care and regular treatments can help to calm and reduce them.