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    PHYTO LIGHTENING CREAM has been developed as an alternative treatment to hydroquinone formulations for long term lightening of facial and hand pigmentation. This product can be applied over the entire face or to specific pigmented areas. It is an excellent moisturizer/humectant. Ingredients include Mulberry and Bearberry extracts, which possess significant tyrosinase inhibition activity. The formula uses a mild (pH- 3.5) AHA phospholipid delivery vehicle to enhance the penetration of these water-soluble extracts.



    RECOVERY COMPLEX is designed to protect, soothe and reduce redness associated with skin resurfacing procedures such as micro-dermabrasion and mild chemical peels. Does not contain cortisone or hydrocortisone. This product helps minimize transdermal water loss and offers a soothing calmative effect to irritated skin while promoting collagen and elastin production.