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Pigmentation and sun damage


The two main ways to correct skin pigmentation, called hyperpigmentation, are either Chemical or Mechanical.

The Chemical pathway involves:

Skin Lightening creams such as Liquorice extract or Hydoquinone.

Face Acids: such as the AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) range, Kojic or Salicylic acid and others.

Retinoids: either over the counter (OTC) or Prescription creams.

Chemical Peels: superficial, medium or deep peels. Please see the alternative page of the website on Skin Peels.

Peels are most useful in Melasma or Hormonal pigmentation where mechanical correction is less advisable. However for other pigmentation issues it would be a matter of personal preference as to whether chemical or mechanical pathways are used.

The Mechanical pathway involves:

The Lightbased therapies and Abrasion therapy.

Microdermabrasion: a gentle exfoliation of the top layers of epidermis with mild lightening effects.

Dermabrasion: a deeper exfoliating treatment usually requiring local anaesthetic or more. Skintuition currently does not offer this treatment as an option.

CO2 laser: This laser involves more downtime than any of the other interventions but is the gold standard for any rejuvenation, pigmentation included.

Unfortunately the use of the CO2 laser in this covid season is very reduced as it is seen as an aerosol generating procedure (it ablates tiny tiny amounts of skin during treatment).

IPL : see below.

Pigmentation Removal with IPL

Pigmented lesions can be successfully treated with IPL Laser to produce more youthful even skin tone. Treatment is particularly successful when combined with other therapies such as microdermabrasion and cosmeceutical products.

Skintuition use the Lumenis® IPL Photorejuvenation solution, providing visible improvement for pigmentation, age/sun spots, freckles, broken capillaries and overall skin appearance. The unique Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT™) gently and effectively removes skin imperfections, and stimulates collagen and the production of elastic fibres. As light from the IPL laser is rapidly absorbed by the melanin found within the area being treated, it heats up the melanin-rich cells causing their destruction. The body then naturally removes all damaged cells, resulting in a more even tone and texture. The procedure is fast with minimal downtime and is favoured by those with busy lives.


The area to be treated with the IPL/Laser is cooled either by using a Zimmer cooler or a cold gel pack prior to the treatment and then again afterwards. When the IPL system/laser is fired you will feel a flicking sensation which lasts for a second or two. The area is cooled for a second time before the next area is treated. It’s usually recommended that more than one treatment is performed to achieve the best results and this will be discussed during your consultation. Normally 3 to 4 treatments are required for a lasting and effective result. However, you will see visible results after 1 treatment.

This photo facial treatment will not only counteract photo ageing by reducing pigment and promoting the clarity of your skin, but will stimulate collagen synthesis too, leaving the skin clearer and firmer over time.