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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Having smoother and fuller lips can be a real confidence booster and is associated with youth beauty and attractiveness.

Lip Fillers are a way of achieving these results. The majority of Lip fillers are Hyaluronic acid and so will give a natural shape, structure and volume to the lip. Hyaluronic acid fillers mimic the natural hyaluronic acid we have in our bodies and so integrate well into the skin matrix. Where volume has been lost over the years they can be revolumised and made plump again. Where lips are naturally thinner and need more definition and/or volume, this too can be achieved. The lipstick bleeding lines around the lip that spoil the contour of the lip can also be smoothed out gently. At Skintuition we take time to hear what it is you are wanting to achieve with Lip fillers and seek to address it. 

A topical numbing cream is used to make the treatment more comfortable. The procedure is relatively quick and straightforward and results in the smoother, fuller but natural finish within a short space of time that will last for 6 months or more.