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Laser Hair Removal

Excessive or unsightly body hair can be problematic for men and women and is inconvenient to remove. Laser hair removal is a fast, gentle treatment to remove unwanted hair and is proven to provide permanent hair reduction using Intense Pulsed Light ( IPL) technology.

At Skintuition, we use a state of the art M22 Lumenis® system for hair removal, a world leader renowned for its enhanced treatment safety and efficacy. Hair growth is reduced and removed throughout a series of treatments using controlled (IPL) on to the area being treated. The laser light is absorbed by the hair pigmentation and heats the hair follicle, destroying it without damage to the surrounding tissue (photothermolysis). The wide range of treatment heads and filters on the M22 deliver accurate treatment tailored specifically to your unique skin and hair type.

Why invest in IPL hair removal?

The IPL hair removal treatments removes the need for regular waxing and shaving, and ingrown hair follicles become a thing of the past.

IPL is favoured by women and men who want to feel released from the constant task of waxing and shaving, many of whom have compared the cost of doing so over a period of time against the convenience of having IPL laser hair removal. Using world class lasers like the M22, with high class optics and and higher quality beams, reducing the number of treatments required to achieve hair loss and so extended treatments are required only in rare cases.

How It Works

Prior to treatment the area must be shaved and a layer of protective / cooling gel is applied before the IPL system is run over the skin and light pulses are targeted into the hair follicle. The sensation is similar to that of a rubber band pinging on the skin. Absorbed laser light is then converted into heat which breaks down the hair follicle, reducing re-growth. The cooling of the skin reduces any discomfort experienced and Skintuition has the latest Zimmer cooler for all procedures requiring skin cooling. Over time, the density and appearance of hair changes until it becomes unnoticeable. Any risk of side effects is rare.

As hair grows in three different cycles, an IPL hair removal system successfully destroys hair only during its growth stage. For this reason we advise a minimum of 6 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart to deliver optimal results.

Pre Treatment

Before treatment it’s important Not to wax or epilate for at least 4 weeks. Shaving however is permitted both before and for the duration of your treatment programme. Your skin type is a fundamental factor in the effectiveness of the treatment and we take time during your consultation to obtain a complete history on how your skin reacts to environmental factors like sunlight. We also account for other health issues and medication you are currently taking.

Why invest in IPL hair removal?

People with sensitive skin may choose to apply a soothing gel, cool pack or Aloe Vera for a few hours following treatment but side effects are rare and typically your skin will quickly recover