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Acne and Acne Scarring

Acne and Acne Scarring

Over 80% of the population aged 14-30 are affected by acne (the disorder of the skin’s sebaceous glands). 25% of those affected in their teens go on to develop permanent scars and if left untreated, scarring can cause considerable psychological, social and work-related issues.

Active acne is diagnosed by the presence of papules or pustules, caused by an infection of the skin by Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria. The bacteria access all the epidermal appendages, including the sebaceous glands, sweat glands and hair follicles, and irritate the sebaceous glands causing hypertrophy (enlargement). The result is over-production of sebum which builds up under the skin.

Treatments with some success involve the use of antibiotics in the long term or Isotretinonin administration, known as Roaccutane in the UK. However, IPL treatments are successful and clinical trials demonstrate that they provide a viable non-invasive, non-prescription alternative.

The M22 IPL system is world-renowned at treating the multiple aspects of acne with amazing results. Striking the right balance between efficacy and patient comfort, it releases the blue spectrum of light colours needed to destroy the bacteria throughout the skin. Simulatneously the higher and slightly deeper light spectrum, delivered with the notched Acne filter exclusive to the M22, reduces the production of sebum, thereby controlling sebaceous activity. 

A course of four to six IPL treatments will usually achieve significant results improving the appearance and behaviour of the skin.

Acne Scarring

The scars formed by the process of Acne in the skin usually require 3 separate considerations. Uneven skin surface correction, uneven colour of the skin correction and any residual p.acnes bacteria elimination.  A combination of effective interventions can reduce all these issues effectively. 

The uneven skin surface is addressed using Medical Microneedling and/or Dermal filler to lift the pitting or sunken area. The CO2 laser treatment could also be used for this depending on the level of scarring. Please see the separate page for more information on Medical Microneedling. Likewise for Dermal filler. The uneven skin discolouration, often redness or darkened patches of the skin can be treated with the M22 IPL which effectively reduces this over several treatment sessions. The residual p.acnes bacteria is also addressed using the M22 IPL as explained above. 

 Acne scar treatment can also combine the use of medical microdermabrasion prior to IPL treatment to exfoliate the dead skin cells which, together with the sebum, block the pores and cause the pustules. This treatment plan also helps the light penetrate the skin.